About EGRS

EGRS Ltd is a subsidiary of Enviro Grind Ltd which was established by Martin Eves in 1997 following 20 years of engineering and processing experience in the Recycling industry in both Europe and the United States.

In 2000 Martin began developing a specialised solution to resolve the process problems associated with gypsum and plasterboard recycling. While mobile shredders and screens can offer a limited solution, the capacity and ability to produce a high quality product is uneconomical and often environmentally unsound.

Research showed that expert knowledge in specialised fields needs to be incorporated into a system to resolve the difficulties of processing gypsum and plasterboard waste, especially where contamination and high moisture content exist. This expertise came in the form of supply partners Hein Lehmann BV and Neuenhauser GmbH, world leaders in milling and screening technologies. With the combination of these experts came the evolution of the Enviro Gypsum Recycling System.

After years of research, trials and developments, Martin commissioned the first Gypsum Recycling System in 2004, which Enviro Grind still operates to this day.