EGRS Gypsum Recycling System

Most countries have now imposed either restrictions or bans on the land filling of gypsum waste streams and many are mandating through regulations that this material be separated and recycled. The EGRS gypsum recycling system allows operators to meet with current environmental legislation and eliminates the need for gypsum and plasterboard waste to go to landfill.

Gypsum waste streams can be different in each country and for each individual customer. The product requirements of the end user can also vary considerably. The EGRS gypsum recycling system is designed to address these issues through its ability to deal with wet material, contaminated material, gypsum plates and off cuts, gypsum blocks and waste gypsum plaster.

The EGRS system can provide in excess of 95% recovery of a gypsum waste stream while resolving the issues of high moisture content and contamination to achieve a very high quality product, sized to the customer’s requirements.

The high level of quality achieved allows the product to be re-used, thus reducing pressure on raw material resources and environmental impact of mining operations. Use of recycled gypsum is also possible in the Agricultural, Horticultural and Cement Industries.

The EGRS system is modular in its concept so the units can be enlarged as capacity demand increases. Other innovations include options to address pre-sorting issues and generating product from the gypsum paper extracted by the process.